Writing a Report with the Fast (Advanced) Templates (with Video)

Writing a report with the Fast (sometimes called Advanced) Templates is very similar to using any other template.

  • Start or Open the report like you would with a regular template.
  • Finish and Upload/Share the report like a regular template.

Here's the differences about Fast templates:

  • No need to check ratings or column headers.
  • Send an inspection item to the summary using the checkboxes near the bottom of the comment area.
  • The word Inspected is included at each item comment - with a few exceptions.
  • Before you finish the template, be sure to use the Find Unanswered feature.

With this setup, the inspector can move through the report very quickly, only adding comments and pictures for deficiencies, and most other items can be ignored.

Practice Makes Perfect

We recommend you practice using a Fast (Advanced) Template before using it in the field. Inspect a room or two in your home or office using this template to get a feel for it.

Watch the Video (Fast Templates starts at 1m20s)

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  • 01-Dec-2017