How to Print Electronically Signed Agreement

After a customer has viewed and signed an agreement it will display on your dashboard as a green check mark and Agreement Signed. You can print the legally binding electronic signature by following the steps below.

Agreement Details

  1. Navigate to the agreement status.
    • You can check the status of an Agreement under My Reports > Agreement Status or under My Reports > All Reports.
  2. If in All Reports click Agreement Signed. If in Agreement Status click View.
  3. This will take you to Agreement Details. From here you can View the document, see the History of the document, and view Printable Version of the electronic signature. Agreement Details
  4. Click Printable Version to view the Electronic Agreement.
  5. The page that opens with have details on the agreement as well as a paragraph of code that constitutes the legal signature. That code identifies that only your customer, on a specific computer, with their personal log-in credentials could have signed the agreement.  
  6. If you would like to view and print the Agreement you can Click View while under the Agreement Details. See Image Above. 
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  • 06-Aug-2018