Pay for or Renew your Services or Subscription

From your HomeGauge software, click on HG Services My HomeGauge Dashboard. Once the internet browser opens:

  1. From the menu of links, click Account Settings > License & Services.
  2. If your payment method is already in the system, skip to step 3. If you need to add or update payment information, click the blue link Click to Setup/Edit Your Payment Method(s).
    • To edit an existing payment method, click the red Edit button.
    • To add a new payment method, fill out the form below, then click Save Payment Info.
  3. Click Make Payments.
  4. Check the boxes next to the services you would like to pay.
    • You can use the drop down menu to switch the payment from per-year to per-month and back. You should see the Payment Amount Due Today update.
  5. Select an existing payment method. If you only have one payment method, it will already be selected.
  6. Click Submit Payment to finish the task.

Important Tips for Payments

  • If you have a monthly Subscription, your payment method will be charged again on this date each following month. If you would like to only pay for 1 month of Subscription (and not be charged again), please call our Support team at 828-254-2030.
  • Services will be re-instated as soon as payment is made. There is 1 exception:
    • If you have a monthly Subscription and are using HomeGauge 5.1 or earlier, you will need to activate your HomeGauge software again.
      1. Open the HomeGauge software.
      2. From the top-level menu, click Options > Inspector & License.
      3. Click the Activate button in the lower right. Close your HomeGauge software, then open the software again to finish activation.
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  • 14-Dec-2017