Upgrade to a New Version of HomeGauge

Upgrading to the latest major version provides you with the latest features, integration with other service providers and is designed to improve your efficiency and reduce time or provide a higher quality report.

Cost of Major Version Upgrade

  • If you do not use HG Services, the cost is $300 per major version upgrade. For example, moving from HomeGauge 4 to HomeGauge 5.
  • If you pay for HG Services, upgrades are included at no additional cost. You always get the latest upgrade and you'll get it first. Please note that you will need to have had active HG Services for 10 consecutive months in order to receive the free upgrade.

Cost of Updates to Current Version

  • There is no cost for updates to your current version of the software. For example, if you have Version 5, all updates such as 5.2 and 5.3 are free.
  • We recommend that you always update your software to fix bugs and see minor new features. To make sure you have the current version, you can click Help > Check for Updates.

How to Upgrade to the Next Major Version

If you are currently using HomeGauge 4, follow the steps below to upgrade to HomeGauge 5:

  1. On the computer you have HomeGauge 5 installed on, log in to your Dashboard and click Install HG5 on the left menu.
  2. Once the install is complete and HG5 opens, you must convert your HG4 template. Open a blank report and click Select Report Template. Find your version 4 template and open it. It will have the HG4 orange icon next to it. It may be in the "uncategorized" category on the left of your screen.
  3. Once it is open, click File > Save Template As. On the next screen, name your template, then click Save. From that point forward, use this newly-saved copy of your original template to build reports in HG5.
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  • 26-Feb-2018