HomeGauge5 Update and Release Notes

5.2.12 Updates

  • Added option to pick different default image sizes for cover, overviews, and inspection items
  • Added "exclude" button to include/exclude all sections inside of a section container
  • Fixed backpage error when creating new print document settings
  • Fixed various template issues

Fixed in 5.2.7 Beta Update

  • Minor print format enhancements
  • Use of video JS to play videos

Fixed in 5.2.6 Beta Update

  • FLIR images with out IR data will open in normal HG photo editor
  • Fix for "Copy customer" does not copy the address info
  • Default browser video player is used in HTML videos instead of Adobe Flash
  • Video thumbnails in print and PDF are displayed much better
  • Fix for photos that are displayed in filmstrip from wrong folder because of being cached
  • Increase icon size in print preview of PDF viewer
  • Copy and paste bugs for Style and Materials

Fixed in 5.2.5 Beta Update

  • Fix for multiple photo selection / double click issues
  • Fix for situation where wrong video thumbnail preview is used
  • Use flir editor option is remembered across runs
  • FLIR editor measurement units settings is now remembered across runs

Fixed in 5.2.4 Beta Update

  • Fixed: FLIR non infrared images give strange error.
  • Added ability to disable FLIR editor - Options -> General
  • FLIR editor will save Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Fixed Inspection items & Styles and Materials does not display the flag/status for 150% high DPI screens
  • Fixed: Edit photo dialog at 150% high dpi displays toolbar strangely
  • Fixed: Office -> Edit report docs editor is missing the header size control
  • Added a note that Agreements under attachments is the old way of using agreements. Using the HG services way is much better.
  • Fixed: Unflagging a Style and Material does not cause the status column to re-evaluate
  • Fixed: Film strip Images do not get grayed out
  • Fixed: ReportInfo -> County disappears
  • Fixed: printing a "Summary only" document will not display the images when uploaded
  • Fixed: Pictures are very small in the PDF when using PDF forms on high dpi screens
  • Fixed: Loading the same dialog like "select comment" on different DPI screens would create missized dialogs for dialogs that remembered the previous position/size
  • Fixed: Invoice page displays the tax the same as the total amount
  • Fixed: Colors not displaying the summary

New In HomeGauge Inspection Software 5.2

  • Direct editing support for infrared FLIR jpg images
  • Support for high DPI screens like MS Surface and Yoga
  • Improved Video Editing Support that no longer requires QuickTime
  • New Fast Templates
  • New Narrative Focused print format
  • Ability to add/remove Section Containers, i.e. Interior, Components...
  • Ability to reorder PDF form tabs
  • New button for "Edit all pics" that allows you to "Remove" from report but leave in photo locker
  • Ability to monitor photo folder for new photos added. Handy for computers with "camera roll" folders or Eye-Fi cards
  • Video preview thumbnails displayed in the software and printed report
  • No support for older Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows PocketPC.


  • Report Merging also includes the photo locker
  • Report Merging does not merge inspector info into main report
  • Improvements in the formatting of the summary especially estimates and consolidated
  • Fixed. When you delete a comment in the middle or bottom of the list you are brought back to the top of the list.
  • Select the "Add customer" button will not pre-select the "Customer" instead of "Agent"
  • Removing the temporary logo removes it permanently
  • Fix for workscope crashes
  • Eliminate fields 2 and 3 for emails from customer page
  • Comments with auto attached photos are now labeled with the description
  • Fix for period in report id causing cloud errors.
  • iPhone photos are automatically rotated to correct orientation
  • Using two cameras with the same file names now works
  • Auto check subscription renewal and move date to current date
  • Photo dialog - Save position of edit photo window
  • Include appointment number in appointment download dialog
  • In "All Comments" include in the "Comment Usage" the comments used in Style and Material Options
  • Removed the print "Preview Pages" button

New In HomeGauge Inspection Software 5.1

  • Photo Locker - any picture can be now be stored in a Photo Locker in the report for future reference
  • Photo Locker can be optionally uploaded with the report for backup
  • All Photos now saved as higher quality images for better online zoom
  • Faster photo loading - Photo and video thumbnails now load in the background
  • Photos and video thumbnails now have mouse-over info tooltip popups for file information
  • Right-click menu added to photo thumbnail view for common actions
  • Faster photo organizing with the ability to move pictures to the front or end of the stack
  • Selected objects (arrows, etc.) in photo editor can now be ""nudged" with arrow keys
  • Selected objects (arrows, etc.) in photo editor can now be deleted with DELETE key
  • Added support for having an alternative edit tool like circle or line to be the default for photo editing
  • Added support for Shift-clicking in sidebar photo viewer to select multiple photos
  • New option to upload voice recordings for backup
  • Voice recording not listened to are now included in the Find Unanswered
  • Ability to mark voice recordings as done
  • Added print setting for custom label to reference photos in comments like default of Item 1:Video
  • Menu Report -> Display Report Data Sizes now displays more info
  • New menu Template -> All Attachments to view all file attachments in current template
  • Option to use default browser instead of IE
  • Can now use GIF and PNG images in PDF forms
  • Added warning when invalid image type selected as PDF image
  • If a section is excluded by default then do not warn about excluded content
  • Larger window for adding duplicate sections
  • Setting a customer from the Contact List to be a customer in the report now replaces current customer info if empty
  • Spreadsheets tab now shows if spreadsheets are present when opening a report
  • Deleting a template now moves it to the Recycle Bin rather than permanently deleting it
  • Added warning if no Print Documents selected when printing/uploading
  • Added warning if network error potentially caused by wrong PC time/date
  • New print replacement for invoice sub total
  • New Office -> Business Report that creates a CSV file for office use
  • New Ability to export Report Stats as a CSV file
  • Fixed bug where video size was sometimes incorrect in Display Report Data Sizes
  • Fix for some videos being set as having no audio when they do
  • Fixed bug with merge where blank HG Companion device IDs could be written to list
  • Fix for Contact List not being refreshed after downloading PC settings from cloud
  • Fix for Section names including a single quote or apostrophe causing print problems
  • Fix for auto-downloaded installer sometimes failing to run with certain UAC settings
  • Fix for some header or footer changes not setting report as modified
  • Fix for bug where inspection item status icon was not always updated
  • Fix for incorrect progress bar functionality during some online operations
  • Fix for main user interface being active during backup - potential crash bug
  • Fixed bug where photos used in PDF forms were not marked as used in photo viewer
  • Fixed bug where comments added for photos in PDF forms were not saved correctly
  • Fix for tickboxes in Tickbox 1 print format in PDFs
  • Fix for spaces in custom print string labels ("Comments", "Items", etc.) being stripped
  • Fix for summary photos being included in all uploads
  • Fix for Work Scope only uploads including extraneous photos and videos
  • Fix for video wont drag/drop from explorer to cover page
  • Fix for page numbers of 0 in the TOC for PDFs created after uploaded


  • Fix: Removing templates would not go to recycle bin correctly and not be removed
  • Fix: Button to insert Photo/Video into comment incorrectly determined the type of photo or video
  • Fix: Photo labels in the summary would display *num* instead of the actual photo/video number
  • Fix: for Crash if the photo browse option is changed while the photos are loading


  • -Fix for "revert to photo locker" crashing if tool was selected before the ok button was clicked
  • -Fix for in some situations where arrows and other objects moved when saving photo
  • -Fix for crash while trying to convert audio every time even if the audio file is not there
  • -Fix with updated FL Citizens form and Roof form
  • -Fix for Pocket HG to latest version


  • Support for Texas TREC 7-3
  • New and Improved support for FL forms using templates


  • Support for Texas TREC 7-4
  • Ability to Append PDF forms to other PDF forms - great for "Picture Page(s)" at the end of a form
  • Improved support for High DPI screens such as the Lenovo Yoga and Microsoft Surface
  • Option to turn off the Photo Locker off - Menu Options -> General Options
  • Option to not include the Photo Locker in "Send Report To Cloud" - Menu Options -> General Options
  • Double clicking on Style and Materials exclude column header will include/exclude them all
  • Added a new column in the comment local list to show which comments will be included at report start
  • When adding a new auto comment the Select Comment category window is now resizable
  • Fix HTML reports uploaded for report delivery will include headers/footers in web site created PDF
  • Fix Crash when adding a photo in the Summary Review

New In HG Companion App 5.1

  • New: HG Companion now will use installed camera applications for pictures and videos. This will give much better results for devices that have good camera hardware.
  • New: All images are stored as the size captured from the installed camera application and stored in the Photo Locker. Inspectors will need to modify the camera settings to use smaller image sizes to result in smaller files or else the report will be very large and time consuming for the cloud transfer.
  • New: Report fills can now be applied on the HG Companion. All report fills are moved over in the cloud during a template and settings transfer. Use the main screen menu -> More -> Apply Report Fill
  • New: Added screen like the HG desktop to be able to see the report size. Use the main screen menu -> More -> Report Size
  • New: Easily add a picture/video or autocomment immediately to an inspection item or to a new itemized item
  • New: Allow auto created backup files to be opened. Use the menu on the Oper Report window
  • New: Options to turn off the comments in the Summary Review so that larger pictures can be displayed. Use the Menu button on the Summary window.
  • New: new button to send an email or call the customer or REP when that info is present
  • New: new button to find the report address on map application
  • New: Browse for photos and videos on device to add to report
  • Improved: Summary review - if you turn your phone and the auto-rotate occurs the Summary stays on same item
  • Improved: Summary review now uses swipe to move to next item and more screen space
  • Improved: Swipe across Style and Materials for quicker movement to the next / prev one
  • Improved: New Option for Inspection item description only take up one line or display fully
  • Improved: When working on a smart text comment added new option to Stop Replacements
  • Improved: Program stability and better/faster auto saves of reports
  • Improved: the back button will return to the previously selected report section or inspection item for less scrolling
  • Improved: Styles and Materials options that automatically add comments are now displayed in bold like on the desktop
  • Improved: Cloud uploads and downloads display a status bar showing the progress.
  • Improved: Open report view will order the reports by report date.
  • Fix: Videos do not show or play in the Summary preview
  • Fix: When duplicating a section if you modify the first duplicate name and then second pop up will not work
  • Fix: Report upload reported a failure to upload a report due to a cloud time out
  • Fix: failed to add a new REP that has the same last name as another REP already in the list
  • Fix: When adding an additional customer you are unable to move to the second customer

New in HomeGauge Home Inspection Software Version 5

HomeGauge Cloud

  • Transfer reports between PCs and Android devices.

Settings backup to HomeGauge Cloud

  • Store your templates, logos, software settings, etc. to the HomeGauge Cloud.


  • Include video clips in your uploaded reports.

New photo insertion functionality

  • Insert multiple photos at once, with or without editing.

Find First/Next Photo to edit or view all report photos

  • Run through all photos in the report for quick editing.

New print formats

  • New HTML5 print formats with scaling fit-to-width for photos and other HTML5/CSS3 features.

Editor and SM listbox text sizes settings

  • Set text sizes for editor windows and item lists - great for tablet users.

Expanded editor

  • Expand editor to floating window for editing long comments - also great for tablet users.

Auto-comment list sorting

  • Auto-comments can now be sorted to help with comment selection.

Other features and fixes

  • Can now use PNGs
  • Option for how to insert auto-comments when double-clicking
  • Smart-text replacement checks now look at photo captions
  • Auto-included photos can use attachment description for photo caption
  • SM exclude checkbox removed to avoid accidental clicks
  • Auto-comment list - can turn off word wrap to show more comments
  • Ability to open a backup if a report won't open (on Open Report dialog)
  • New Back/Next code including flag under Navigation Options to hide Spreadsheet tab
  • Fixed bug where adding a new SM option saves any comments added
  • Fixed bug where buttons below photo field ("(Picture 1)" and caption insert) would drop trailing character
  • Contact List now not sorted case-sensitive

Update -

  • Fix for license issue when merging reports edited with HG Companion
  • Fix for PDF forms pic text comments not being saved

Update -

  • Changes to UI layout for higher-dpi screens
  • Fix for sorted comments list edits
  • Added mobile phone field to Customer screen
  • Now checking backup size limit before cloud backup is attempted
  • Cloud backup size limit now 60 MB
  • Video editor now checks for audio stream not present
  • Fixed error message when no logo set for PDF form signature
  • Paths without drive letter no longer accepted as data folder path
  • Fix for some paths ("\\server\folder\file") not working correctly for attachments, etc.

Update -

  • Photo caption fields in General and Section Overview pages now have spell-check
  • Can now use arrow buttons to manage itemized item tabs if they cannot fit in a row
  • Reports edited with HG Companion now unlocked permanently with license or valid trial
  • Report fills now included in backups
  • REPs list now sorts in other columns in case of duplicates in current column
  • Voice recordings now converted to audio-only WMA files
  • Current report now saved before cloud upload(s)
  • Print options window now vertically smaller for small monitors
  • Cloud upload temp files now removed
  • Current report now saved before transferring a report to cloud
  • Added link for purchasing kits to Radon screen
  • Spreadsheet tab now always visible if spreadsheets are present in report
  • Fix for print preview window initially appearing blank
  • Fix for potential crash bug in Summary Review screen
  • Fix for videos not showing as unused if removed from report
  • Fix for template name if loaded from HT4 file and saved
  • Fix for current print format not being initially visible on Print Format tab
  • Fix for international time format bug when transferring template to HG Companion
  • Fix for resetting HG trial period
  • Fix for incorrect filenames when merging report that has voice recordings
  • Fix for video filenames in merged reports
  • Fix for duplicate client info not being removed in report merge
  • Fix for some Report Stats not displaying correctly

Update -

  • Restored photo crop functionality to the way it was in HomeGauge 4
  • Backup reminders - can now be disabled
  • Can now use cloud to fetch template/settings to another PC
  • MPG and MPEG videos can now be imported
  • Fix for photos not being deselected after insertion
  • Fix for photo multi-insert of photos sometimes crashing
  • Fix for merging reports edited with HG Companion
  • Fix for unpacking restore archive dialog staying on screen when archive doesn't unzip correctly
  • Fix for text replacement not working when inserting *Smart Text* while editing a comment
  • Fix for inserting photos in PDF forms
  • Fix for inspector contact info linefeeds
  • HomeGauge now searches Attachments and References folder for missing attachments
  • Added error code to photo save error message

Update -

  • Fixes to photo caption field
  • Fix for photo caption button changing font size
  • Fixes to photo insertion updating
  • Merge > select file can now open HR5 files
  • Added ability to remove HG Companion license key to activate another device
  • Print format tweaks

Update -

  • Made print style dialog shorter
  • Backup prompt now resets for two weeks after "yes" or "no"
  • Fix for issue with overview photos being named "coverXX.jpg"
  • Fixed bug where PDF forms were not merged a final time before printing report
  • Fix for video functionality on some PCs (not a crash fix)
  • Fix for header/footer comment IDs being wrong in expanded editor
  • Fix for HTML in photo captions
  • Thumb control (thumbnail viewer) now defaults to show all

HG Companion Release notes

Update - 5.0.22

  • more error checking for camera not saving images 
  • fix for crash when rotating device while selecting comments
  • fix for saving a report that contains workscope items

Update - 5.0.21

  • tiny change for some new devices where the camera does not work at all 

Update - 5.0.20

  • Summary review with pictures
  • Show auto comment name only option (use menu -> Options -> General )
  • Hide estimate input if estimates turned off
  • Fix for double click on camera locking up camera
  • When editing comment the cursor is set to end of comment

Update - 5.00.19

  • fix for two reports with same report ID using the same report folder

Update - 5.00.17

  • more picture improvements
  • attachments/images auto attached from comments will be include in report now
  • fix for special characters breaking open of report on some phones

Update - 5.00.18

  • fix for crash when opening report with one already open
  • picture quality improvements during resize
  • fix for picture taking crashes or null messages
  • first General section answer not saved
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  • 01-Aug-2017