Add or Edit your Agreement in the Software

Tip! Start with an Online Appointment
We recommend using the Online Appointments feature which allows for the creation and management of one-click online agreements. The method below is only recommended if you are not using HG Services.

 Adding your agreement to HG software makes it easy to distribute. Plus, it self-populates based on the info you enter in the report, eliminating the need to modify the agreement for each inspection. It also gives you the option of using the Online Click agreement, so you can get that contract accepted in advance or prevent your client from viewing the report until they agree.

There are some sample agreements in HG software, if you decide to use one, please consult an attorney to be sure it meets the regulations of your state.

To use a sample agreement from HG software:

  1. With your HG software open, click Office -> Edit Report Docs.
  2. Find the sample agreement you would like to use and double click on it to open.
  3. You may notice when you open the sample that there are some instructions on how to get your agreement in the report. To remove those, highlight the instructions and delete.
  4. Click the white disk icon to Save As. When the list­ of documents comes up, select on the file called disclaim (you may have to scroll to the right) and click OK. You will get a message stating "disclaim already exists. Overwrite it?" choose Yes.
  5. Click the X to close the Edit Report Docs screen, when asked if you want to save changes click Yes.
  6. If you want your agreement to be a page in your report, click File -> Printing Options.
  7. In the list click the print option you use to select it, then click Edit.
  8. You may get a pop-up indicating you are about to modify your printing options, if you see this click OK.
  9. On the next screen you will see several boxes, some with check marks in them. Every item with a check mark is an element of the document created when this particular print option is selected. Be sure there is a check mark next to Agreement. At the bottom click OK.

Now your agreement will be a page in the body of your report.

We have a webinar that covers inserting your inspection agreement into your HomeGauge Software. This is how you will enter your agreement if you are not using our online agreement feature.

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  • 01-Nov-2017