Merge Two Reports

Merge reports together using the following steps. Note: When creating the initial reports, consider using report IDs with the initials of the inspector collecting the data at the end of each ID. This will make it easier to find the reports each inspector created.

  1. Bring both reports onto the computer from the Cloud. (Read more about transferring reports by clicking here).
  2. OPEN and SAVE each report individually. You must do this in order to save the photos attached to the reports.
  3. Before you merge, at the top of the screen in your HG software click Options -> Comments Options.
  4. Be sure there is a check mark in the box next to Itemize multiple comments during report start and merge. Click OK.
  5. Open one of the reports - if each report has the names of the inspectors, open the report of the inspector whose name will be on the final report, this would be considered the "primary" inspector.

    The Report Templates Must Be the Same
    If the open report does not yet have a template selected, you must select a template. Be sure to select the same template that the other report is using.

  6. Click File then select Merge Report into this Report. A list of remaining reports on your computer will appear, select the report you would like bring in and click Merge. This should be the report of the "primary" inspector, meaning the final merged report will maintain the inspector name and report ID of this report.
  7. Select the sections you would like to bring in and click OK.
  8. You should get the message Reports Merged: No Errors.
  9. You may get a message that you have duplicate report IDs, consider updating this report ID by adding an F to the end of it to indicate it is the final version of the merged reports.
  10. The reports are now merged and you can review and modify as needed.
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  • 07-Feb-2018