Itemize Comments

If you've found more than one defect with a single inspection item you may want to itemize your findings. This helps to keep pictures with their comments and it is useful if your finding would go to separate summaries.

Let's use Roofing and Roof Drainage Systems as an example. In examining the guttering you see that the gutter is rusted at the back corner of the house. You take a picture of the rusted gutter and make a comment addressing the issue.

You also notice that the downspout at the front corner of the house is loose and needs to be reattached to the wall. This time, in your software, you will click the orange plus (+) sign to the right of the comment box. A second comment box will open. Type in your comment and add your picture of the problem.

You now have two comment tabs, one for each of the problems you found with the Roof Drainage System. These are itemized comments and, if needed, you can manually selected the summary boxes to choose which summary each item belongs to.

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  • 27-Oct-2017