Automatically Include a Document in a Report

The ability to attach a document to all of your reports by default can come in handy if you have a document that you like to hand out to every client. 

  1. Click on the General Info section on the left side of your software.
  2. Above the comment area, click on the magic wand button.
  3. In the new window, scroll to find a comment with a Y in the Auto column. This comment is usually named Comment Key. Click the comment to highlight it.
  4. In the upper-right of the window, click the wrench button to edit the comment.
  5. Click the paperclip button in the top-center of the window. This is used to include a document with the comment
  6. Click the orange plus (+) button to add an attachment.
  7. Navigate to the document you want to attach and click Open.
  8. Provide a name for the attachment and click OK.
  9. Once back at the Attach Documents List window, click on the attachment to highlight it and click OKand close the Select Comments window. You will notice that there is now a "1" next to the Attach Documents button. Click OK.
  10. Click the Save T button or go to File > Save Template to save the changes for the future.

This document will now be automatically attached to reports when this template is used.

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  • 27-Oct-2017