Add or Edit Your Signature (for Reports and Forms)

Add Your Signature to HomeGauge

We Will Resize Your Signature Image For You

After you have an image or PDF of your signature, send it to We will re-size it and send you back with instructions on how to include it in your signature.

  1. Take a picture or scan of your signature and initials.
  2. Make a .jpg or .gif file of the signature. Images may have a maximum width of 300 pixels (read our Tip! in the blue box above)
  3. Save signature and initials images in the following folder: Documents > HomeGauge > References
  4. In HomeGauge software, click File >Printing Options and select the Logos tab near the top
  5. Click on the line for Logo 4 to highlight it in blue.
  6. Click on the wrench (Edit) icon to the right of the grey image box
  7. Navigate to your image file and Open it
  8. To add your initials, click on the line for Logo 5 and then follow steps 5 - 6
  9. Click OK to exit the Printing Options window

By default, your signature and initials will show on your Cover Page by default. If you would like to remove them, see our article: Customize the Cover Page

Steps for Including Signature and Initials on Forms

  1. From the top-level menu, click Options > Forms Options
  2. To include your signature, check the box labeled Use a print logo for form signature 1. By default, logo 4 is selected. You can change this with the left and right arrows
  3. To include your initials, check the box labeled Use a print logo for form signature 2. By default, logo 5 is selected. You can change this with the left and right arrows
  4. Click OK

Your signature and initials will now appear on your forms.

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  • 14-Nov-2017