Back Up HomeGauge Software

HomeGauge Software can be backed up to the cloud - it's a smart step that can make recovering from a crash (or moving to a new computer) easier. This feature is only available to users who have HomeGauge Services.

HomeGauge will periodically prompt you to back up to the cloud. Take advantage of this and back up. You can also back up manually.

How to Manually Back Up HomeGauge Software to the Cloud

  1. At the top-level menu, click HomeGauge Services > Backup HG User Settings
  2. When asked if you want to proceed, click Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I restore HomeGauge after backing up?
    Read our article on restoring HomeGauge - click here
  2. What does the back up include?
    1. Templates and comments
    2. Invoice information
    3. Contacts list of REPs and Customers
    4. Logo information
    5. Print options
    6. Custom report parts (cover page, back page, agreement, etc.)
  3. What does backup NOT include?
    HomeGauge Back Up does NOT back up your reports! You must upload your reports to your dashboard to save them online. HomeGauge keeps your reports for a minimum of 5 years. Here's an article on restoring reports - click here
  4. How do I check the date of my last backup?
    Log onto your HomeGauge Dashboard. On the left, click My Reports > Cloud Transfers. Scroll down to the HomeGauge User Settings Backup section
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  • 07-Nov-2017