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Welcome to the HomeGauge Support Center. Use the search feature or browse our FAQs by category to find what you need! HomeGauge offers these types of support options:

#1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - 24 hours / 7 days a week

Before calling HomeGauge, please check our frequently asked questions on this site. Many questions and problems and their solutions can be found by either using the search feature or by browsing through the Support Categories.

Our most popular support topic - Restoring HomeGauge Software
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#2 Video Software Tours - 24 hours / 7 days a week

Many support topics on this site include video tours to show you how to complete an inspection using HomeGauge. There are also many mini tours that show the correct way to use common features.
Just getting started? Check out the Workshop with Russell Series and the HomeGauge Beginner's Playlist 


#3 Ask a question - Next business day or sooner reply

Use the "Ask a question" button found at the top of this site. Questions can be answered by community members or by HomeGauge staff. If the answer is good, we may make it a permanent faq on this site, with credit going to the user. You can login to this site with your HomeGauge account.


#4 Email - Next business day or sooner reply

We make every effort to respond to email quickly and this is often the best way to contact us with a specific question. Help us help you faster and better.  If you email us, please include in your support request which product you are using ( HG Desktop Software, HG Companion, HG Services, Website ) and where appropriate, which version. Contact us: support@homegauge.com.   Email support is always free.


#5 Phone support - Office hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Time

Phone support is included during your trial period and also long term as part of the HomeGauge Services. Read about the HomeGauge Services and the many other features included in it here.

All new users get a FREE 3 month trial of the HomeGauge Service that includes phone support.

Sign up for the HG Services here

(828) 254-2030


Extra services we offer while you are getting started

HomeGauge is glad to provide the following services while you are getting started with HomeGauge Software during your free trial of the HomeGauge Services.
  • Free technical support
  • Free adjustment of logos — send logo to support@HomeGauge.com for us to adjust it for the best possible look in HomeGauge
  • HomeGauge Services sign up and report upload walk through — be sure to sign up for your free trial of HomeGauge Services and try uploading a report
  • Customization of the cover, invoice and summary pages or other areas of the report appearance, such as color and font

Support items outside of using the HomeGauge Software and Services

The following items are NOT related to the general usage of HomeGauge Software. We try to help as much as possible, but you are often better served by calling the manufacturer or seller of your computer. 
  • Computer Security / Firewall / Virus / Spyware: Configuring your computer for proper security is essential, but outside the scope of our support. If you are having trouble with viruses or spyware on your computer, we recommend taking the computer to a repair shop.
  • Wireless Internet connectivity problems: Please call your ISP
  • Internet connectivity problems: Please call your ISP
  • Printer problems: If you can not print any web page, please call the printer company.

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